Role of the Facilitator


Bill’s Ground Rules  Everyone has an opportunity to speak. No-one will be unpleasant to another person in the group. Don’t interrupt other speakers. Don’t be judgmental:  there may be more than one right answer. We are all here to learn.Facilitation by Bill


Bill works with clients to determine the best process to meet their needs.  

The process includes a pre-meeting to determine outcomes and the techniques that will be most effective with the group.   Each meeting includes a grounding activity, a review of the agenda, clear expectations, and strategies designed to achieve the  goals of the meeting.

For example, in Strategic Planning, the process used could include:

Development of a Mission Statement

Development of a Vision

Development of Values

Review of past successes

A SWOT (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, Threats) analysis

Determination of high level Goals

Development of objectives for each Goal

Review of Barriers to Success and Critical Factors for Success

Creation of Strategies for each Objective

Action plans and timelines

The plan is recorded as an Excel Spreadsheet as the planning session progresses.

Bill’s fee includes the preplanning, working session, creation of the draft Strategic Plan, and completion of the final document.

Similar processes of working with clients are in plan for meeting facilitation, goal setting, problem solving and other common facilitated sessions.

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